Business Watchdog

24/7 Online Protection for Your Business

Business Watchdog lets you know when your employees’ passwords are compromised.

BreachAlarm monitors the Internet for your passwords being compromised and posted online. Companies that subscribe to Business Watchdog are notified immediately when any of their email addresses appear in a password breach.

A hacker hacks a website your employees use
An employee’s email address and password are posted online
BreachAlarm spots the leaked data
Business Watchdog recognises your domain and notifies you instantly
INDIVIDUALS & FAMILIES Subscribe to Email Watchdog to protect your personal email addresses.

Business Watchdog Pricing

Free One account only per person
  • Try Email Watchdog for free with a limited subscription for individuals.
  • Immediate breach notifications via email
  • Protect 1 email address only
  • Breach notifications do not include full details of the breach
Sign Up
  • Upgrade to full-strength protection for your company’s online accounts.
  • Immediate breach notifications via email
  • Protect all email addresses under your domain (
  • Protect an additional 10 out-of-domain addresses
  • Prevent others from checking your domain on
  • Detailed breach notifications identify the source of the breach
  • Receive our subscribers-only Breach Report email newsletter
  • Get help fast with priority email support
  • Stackable! Buy multiple packs to protect more domains
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