Over 150 million users had their passwords hacked this past year.

How many of your employees were among them?

We scan the Internet for stolen password data posted by hackers, and let you know if we spot any of your company’s email addresses in a security breach.

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Protect Your Company with Business Watchdog

BreachAlarm protects your employees’ passwords.

BreachAlarm is a service that allows you to check anonymously if you or your employees’ passwords have been posted online, and sign up for email notifications about future password hacks that affect your business.

We comb the depths of the Internet to find stolen password lists that have been hacked, leaked or compromised, and we spot the email addresses of the users those passwords belong to. We keep a database of those email addresses so that you can check easily whether individual email addresses or your company’s domain name have been included in any of these breaches.

Once you’ve made sure your passwords are safe, sign up for Business Watchdog to be notified immediately if we spot any of your company’s email addresses in future breaches. When you receive a notification you can identify the affected user(s) as soon as possible and get their password changed to prevent opportunistic hackers from accessing their accounts. Learn more about Business Watchdog.

Our database contains the unique fingerprints of over 1.22 Billion email addresses that have had their passwords released by hackers, and this list continues to grow.